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Aroma Diffuser "Flame"

Aroma Diffuser "Flame"

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Breathe Fresher Air and Live a Healthier Life

Oldschool Aroma Diffusers are out - power up our ultrasonic "Flame" Diffuser with 2-3 drops of essential oils to make your surroundings feel more relaxing. It enhances the air quality in your home and protects you against dust allergies, dry skin, and a lot more.

Our "Flame" Diffuser will keep you healthy and do so in style!

Great Air = Great Health ... but that's not all.�Modern living requires self-care via thoughtful design in all aspects. It's about the�air you breathe but also about what you surround yourself with and the pieces you lay your eyes on every day.

What better than combining both with a modern Diffuser that does so in style?

✔️ - Long-lasting mist: set a timer for 1-12 HOURS of aroma

✔️ - It's quiet: built with convenience in mind, this takes relaxation to a new level

✔️ - Auto Shutdown: built-in water sensors regulate the diffusion to prevent errors

Curated with your well-being in mind, our Aroma Diffuser "Flame" will open a whole new world of natural healing and relaxation.�A yin to the frantic yang of 21st-century life.

Our recommendation: Use it in the evening to enhance your quality of sleep!

Your Order Includes:

  • 1x Diffuser

  • 1x USB cable

  • 1x Instructions manual

  • 180ml water tank capacity

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